Decorative and Religious Islamic Art

We all love art. And the things which present the unique example of the art. Yes here we can talk about the seven wonders of the world. They all are the unforgettable example of the God’s gift. Now take the example of the beauty of the world “ The Taj-Mahal” in India built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in the seventeenth century. This art is not only example of the seven wonders but also of the Islamic art. This art is gifted by “Allah”.

The Islamic art should not be categorize as a simple art, this is the pure relation between Allah and the human being. The feature unique to all Islamic Art forms was covering the creative medium surfaces with various complex geometric, and intricate floral patterns. Islamic art is even having no emphasis on human form,it respects the humanity and the human being, the creature of Allah. One of the most effect  unique form of the Islamic art is Calligraphy. The Calligraphy is the writing of Arabic word on wall or frames.


This art is based on the believe that it is representing relationship between Allah and the mortal world through the connection of beauty and power. After all, Arabic language was a precious gift to his people. Therefore, the common nature of the writing the words of Islam language becomes not just a deep reminder of faith and of Allah’s promise to his people but also an aesthetic addition to possessions and livelihood and.

And one Islamic Architecture is giving its best role in the Islamic Art Gallery.Now a day this Art id becoming so popular that its becoming a part of every human. They are trying make there home the best place by adding the Islamic Wall Stickers and Islamic Wall Art on there place .

Show love to your family through Islamic Wall Art :

There is a new way which can bring smile on your loved once and to your family. Islamic wall arts/stickers are available now a days in market with the best quality and variety. There are different styles available in market to impress each age group. If the kids wants to make there rooms bright with the brightness of the Islamic wall decoration, now this is also possible. The young ones want the piece around them. And some wants just a wall sticker of Islamic word in there drawing rooms. Every one’s wish is going to complete now. There are some companies which are only working on your wishes. You just need to do is to explore outside your house.


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