Islamic art and its origin

Art is the expression of concepts through painting and this is where the masters from the golden time span of Islamic history took a distinct course and with large mastery gave birth to the aesthetics of Islamic Art as we know today.


Islamic Art is a broad subject that encompasses everything from stucco design, calligraphy, floral patterns, geometric shapes and architecture etc. This art originated out of the need to contemplate the religious and competitive environment of the religion to strengthen the awareness of God through new types of aesthetics. These new esthetics had to be free from any representation of vivacious objects which enchanted a soul in agreement with the Prophetic custom which prohibited portraying of any thing that possessed a soul.

This commanded to the Islamic art developing its own form of signs yet utilizing the vintage methods of the Persian and Byzantine heritage and evolving new ones with the time. As Islam disperse its leverage, Islamic art became more and more diverse and dynamic by taking up the new forms of creative expressions in diverse components of the world. For Muslims all forms of Islamic Art is a means to attain a better closeness to the divine nature of God by contemplating on the attractiveness of art itself.

At the center of the source of Islamic wall Art is the attraction of the written word which is down to two components. First, being that the Arab people were masters of oratory abilities and were ignorant of the power of the written phrase that had deep and deep influence on their humanity after the revelation of The Holy Quran.

Secondly, when the Quran was revealed and in writing its divine note had deep influence on the society and this sign of its admiration was shown in all aspects of society. In Islamic wall Art this was conveyed in Arabic calligraphy which soon became the accessory of the courts of caliphs and wazirs. This did not omit scholars and theologians whose timeless literature was created elaborately in Arabic calligraphy with large attention.

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