It’s Time to Express your Feelings With Wall Decals

Bringing a touch of style to your room is no difficult task these days. With innovative inventions in wall decor, you can be sure of transforming the appearance of your home. Gone are the days when we had to paint murals onto our walls to make an impact. Now-a-days, it is much easier and simpler now.


One cannot overlook the popularity of beautiful Wall Decals and Wall Murals that add an unique highlight to a space with the diverse range of sizes and styles. Using them, the exact effect you picture for your home will be completed in just a few minutes without any rustle and bustle. Isn’t it fantastic?

And, yes of course you don’t have to be a carpenter, an artist or a designer to do so. Mainly, wall decals are similar to stickers, which is actually a favorite child’s plaything. The designs are projected in a more grand way and look sophisticated as well.

Various times in our lives we have so much to say, but couldn’t find any words to express them. Whether you want to say, ‘I am Sorry’ for the goof-ups or ‘I Love You’ to your loved ones, the amazing Vinyl Stickers are of great help in these situations. Even, to get inspired and motivated, the quotes on your walls can do wonders for you.

When you start glancing at your walls, your common sense will immediately tell you which of the walls are enriching your life and which does not seem to make any sense. So, friends if you want to make a an excellent choice then Style a Wall makes a magnificent destination for you to shop for wall murals and wallpaper that are easy to stick and easy to remove. Browse our extensive collection and start beautifying your home. Time has come for you to show off your expressions and this way, you are certain to derive greater satisfaction.


Innovative and Modern Islamic Home Decorations for your Home

At some period of time or the other, everyone dreams of having their own home and probably you are also one of those who are living that dream too. Along with the dream of owning a home, there comes an important thing. What is the home without an ideal decor? Well, certainly decor is the vital aspect of any home and you should consider it to enhance the internal beauty of your home.
Just with a little experimentation and moderation, the Islamic home decorations can add a meaning and life to your home. Home is actually the main place which describes you and your standard of living. So, it means you should have a nice decor in your home that suits your needs and give you the reason why should stay in your home.

Interior designing is not a simple thing, rather it’s a complete art. Each and every place of your home need a different decoration and you should take it seriously by making a good choice of decorative pieces for your residence. But, yes firstly you need to set the budget for your home decoration purchase, followed by decorating the home quickly, you must utilize the whole space of your home and pick diverse range of furniture, carpet, curtains, paintings, wall papers, wall stickers and much more you can choose online with just few taps of finger.

Zama Designs is the ultimate home decorations service provider for you that gets you an access to the finest collection of wall art creations at affordable prices. Readers! What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated for latest offers and certainly, you won’t regret your decision. Have a look at our beautiful selection and place the order for your preferred high-quality designs.

Increase the Elegance of your Home with Islamic Wall Stickers

Wall stickers happen to be an effective tool for the purpose of decorating your home in style. Made using vinyl, these stickers have a sticky surface on the one side while on other side, the picture is made on the surface. In order to transmute the interior appearance of a room, all you need to do is to purchase these decals and press them on the wall position, precisely where you want it to be.

These Islamic Wall Stickers has an interesting and long tradition in the world of Islam. Also, they make an ideal gift for every occasion and regarded as the finest way to live with one’s beliefs. Just stick them on the wall and get ready to feel the satisfaction of mind and see what kind of magic these words will bring into your life.


They are magnificently designed to give you, your loved ones motivation, good fortune and guidance. If you find the plain walls of your home uninspiring, you can easily make full use of the attractive stickers to make your home come alive. These finest range of  wall art stickers at Zama Designs completely based upon Islamic traditions and art.

We at Zama Designs have designed a new level of sticking wall art ideal for any space setting. Our high-quality wall art decorations are simple to remove and in fact, when they taken off they actually leave no residue or marks. These stickers not only make the living room look beautiful, but stylish as well.

Now, if you also have a desire to buy wall stickers, Zama Designs is an ultimate destination for you. Readers! What are you thinking about? Make a final purchase today and get ready to feel the difference in the living of your home.

Augment the Interior Beauty of Your Home With Islamic Wall Stickers

Give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your house with high-quality and stunning Islamic wall stickers. These wide collection of room stickers come standard with custom colors, sizes, modern designs and varied prices. To imbibe a beautiful change in your home in an Islamic way these stickers make an incredible choice for you.

What are wall stickers? Well, they are mere wallpapers that can be stuck on walls just like any other sticker. Because of their less effort needed advantages and low cost, they are becoming quite popular and that is the reason why majority of people using them to give your room an unique and fresh look.


 If you also have an empty wall at your home, time has come for you to fill the missing part. Indeed, you will be able to give your home interior an elegant and classy look that best suits your lifestyle. Zama Design is the prominent supplier of Islamic wall art designs and several other decorative items that add an astounding look to your residence.

When you are designing your room with wall stickers then let your creativity come out. Who knows, you will end up creating something out of the world. Also, try to use an assortment of combination for the designing of your home. Mix and match of colors and patterns will definitely work for you.

You will also have an opportunity to give a personal touch to your room by making a choice from various themes, shapes, colors and designs. Plus, you will also have a chance to alter the look as the way you wish to. Unlike painting, you don’t have to move the stuff of your home. All you have to do is to stick it on the wall and remove it as and when you desires.

Friends! Grab this golden chance to make your room design the way you want it to be. We can bring an everlasting designs to your home while bringing the presence of almighty.

Islamic art and its origin

Art is the expression of concepts through painting and this is where the masters from the golden time span of Islamic history took a distinct course and with large mastery gave birth to the aesthetics of Islamic Art as we know today.


Islamic Art is a broad subject that encompasses everything from stucco design, calligraphy, floral patterns, geometric shapes and architecture etc. This art originated out of the need to contemplate the religious and competitive environment of the religion to strengthen the awareness of God through new types of aesthetics. These new esthetics had to be free from any representation of vivacious objects which enchanted a soul in agreement with the Prophetic custom which prohibited portraying of any thing that possessed a soul.

This commanded to the Islamic art developing its own form of signs yet utilizing the vintage methods of the Persian and Byzantine heritage and evolving new ones with the time. As Islam disperse its leverage, Islamic art became more and more diverse and dynamic by taking up the new forms of creative expressions in diverse components of the world. For Muslims all forms of Islamic Art is a means to attain a better closeness to the divine nature of God by contemplating on the attractiveness of art itself.

At the center of the source of Islamic wall Art is the attraction of the written word which is down to two components. First, being that the Arab people were masters of oratory abilities and were ignorant of the power of the written phrase that had deep and deep influence on their humanity after the revelation of The Holy Quran.

Secondly, when the Quran was revealed and in writing its divine note had deep influence on the society and this sign of its admiration was shown in all aspects of society. In Islamic wall Art this was conveyed in Arabic calligraphy which soon became the accessory of the courts of caliphs and wazirs. This did not omit scholars and theologians whose timeless literature was created elaborately in Arabic calligraphy with large attention.

The Islamic wall art stickers are easily available on some websites online. You can order them online and decorate your home walls with these fascinating Islamic wall stickers.

Enhance your house with some good designs inside

Most of the people will plan to gift any distinct things to their loved ones in some exceptional event. While planning you get bewildered about what kind of gift you need to buy. Islamic art is the best choice for you commemorate the occasion. The Islamic art expresses the diverse Islamic heritage of the people. If you are not involved to have paintings which are not founded on Islamic heritage then the Islamic art works decisively matches to your thoughts. You will definitely be influenced by the Islamic creative pursuits and their thoughts. The Islamic Wall Art have a very large-scale market all around the world

While looking to purchase an Islamic art you can consider some choices like oil paintings, wall hangings and adornment parts. The oil paintings are founded on the natural scenery and deserts. You can furthermore favor to purchase calligraphic art parts which is are based on exceptional Islamic wordings. Most of the Islamic wall stickers are based on the special Islamic slogans and emblems.

The Islamic Home Decorations are founded on the chronicled locations and events. These creative pursuits are encased with oil paints according to your obligation. You can furthermore order a size of the likeness according to your requirement. This painting devotes an appealing examines to your house and make you seem like a holy dwelling. It brings a certain allowance of calm to your house which makes your thoughts better. You can furthermore enhance your drawing room with some nice set of Islamic paintings and art works.


The Islamic Wall Stickers have a great influence on the individuals who are enter your rooms. For example if you are having your breakfast with your family in dining table where Islamic art pieces are put then you seem the table like a heaven. This kind of arts helps the individual to start their day with new wish.

The Islamic adornment pieces are another option to adorn your homes in Islamic way. There are many distinct art pieces accessible in the Muslim Home Decorations stores which will enhance the look of your house and makes your home as a pleasant location to live. There are many other things which you use in your regular day activities such as key candle stands, chain holder etc.


There are some options to customize your Muslim Home Decoration in an very simple way. The upkeep of tjese art decorators is done at reasonable charges. For any painting work you can attach various frames according to your taste.

Decorative and Religious Islamic Art

We all love art. And the things which present the unique example of the art. Yes here we can talk about the seven wonders of the world. They all are the unforgettable example of the God’s gift. Now take the example of the beauty of the world “ The Taj-Mahal” in India built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in the seventeenth century. This art is not only example of the seven wonders but also of the Islamic art. This art is gifted by “Allah”.

The Islamic art should not be categorize as a simple art, this is the pure relation between Allah and the human being. The feature unique to all Islamic Art forms was covering the creative medium surfaces with various complex geometric, and intricate floral patterns. Islamic art is even having no emphasis on human form,it respects the humanity and the human being, the creature of Allah. One of the most effect  unique form of the Islamic art is Calligraphy. The Calligraphy is the writing of Arabic word on wall or frames.


This art is based on the believe that it is representing relationship between Allah and the mortal world through the connection of beauty and power. After all, Arabic language was a precious gift to his people. Therefore, the common nature of the writing the words of Islam language becomes not just a deep reminder of faith and of Allah’s promise to his people but also an aesthetic addition to possessions and livelihood and.

And one Islamic Architecture is giving its best role in the Islamic Art Gallery.Now a day this Art id becoming so popular that its becoming a part of every human. They are trying make there home the best place by adding the Islamic Wall Stickers and Islamic Wall Art on there place .

Show love to your family through Islamic Wall Art :

There is a new way which can bring smile on your loved once and to your family. Islamic wall arts/stickers are available now a days in market with the best quality and variety. There are different styles available in market to impress each age group. If the kids wants to make there rooms bright with the brightness of the Islamic wall decoration, now this is also possible. The young ones want the piece around them. And some wants just a wall sticker of Islamic word in there drawing rooms. Every one’s wish is going to complete now. There are some companies which are only working on your wishes. You just need to do is to explore outside your house.