Best Home Decoration Tips by Zama Designs

There is a difference in Home and House. Home is refers when some living begins lives in home and when there is a brick structure only and no one lives inside the home then it is known as House. Everyone loves to live in home rather than preferring to live alone is a house so there are some things to be refer before make a House into a Sweet home.There are some of the important tips by which you can change you so called house into a beautiful and loving home. The design factor is a most important about a home and following are some of the tips by which you can decorate your home

Every house should be comfortably decorated and relaxable. Because home is the cares of world. We want each space to reflect our sensibilities and tastes. But we all wants our bedrooms and kitchen be comfortable and attractive.For newly constructed home, the best time to decorate to home is before the construction completed. There are some tips which helps to decorate the home.2

To make the home pretty, it is very important that live up to its function. Is there proper space to sit in the TV room. Is there enough space in the entertainment room around the pool table to shoot.Before your start decorating a room, it’s best to assess what you have to work with. Is the plumber’s work done is good or not is there any plumbing leaking? Fix all these things, and then you’re ready to start your decorating project.

To decorate the home keep all the tracks of current time and future also. You can also take help from good organization which will help you save your money and time.For electricity, it is best to give the contract to professional electrician so that there may not be problem in future regarding wires etc.

About color selection, select the color according to the space of the room and function of the room like, Bed room, Drawing room, study room. To feel the more energy at the morning time you can choose bright magenta color. For study room you can choose the light colors.dddd

Colors are not the only way to decorate the room there may be a pattern, texture, Islamic Wall Stickers or images to add a unique touch. Texture and patterns make a interesting and different details.I hope above said tips will help you to decorate and design you home very well. For more information you can contact me at my Website.


Ideas to Decorate the Home with great Islamic Wall Art and Stickers

Nowadays, everyone wants that their home would be more decorative so that they feel more comfortable to live there. Zama Design is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Islamic wall stickers And Islamic Wall arts and Many other decorative items to decorate the home.

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